Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo is famous all over the world because it locks not animals, but visitors. At the same time visitors are even willing to pay for such a pleasure, because they can see animals from a very close side.

You can find lions, Bengal and white tigers, and bears in the Chinese Zoo.

Visitors sit in a special truck, which reminds a cage, and a trip to the Zoo starts.

To attract the attention of animals, Zoo workers place raw meat and live chickens on the truck.

An incredible opportunity to see dangerous animals so close.

You can also ride a bus in the Zoo.

Zoo workers allow visitors to experience the horror of persecution and attacks of big cats with no real risk to life.

Of course, it is forbidden to put fingers out of cells, because hungry tigers can take them for a treat

Lehe Ledu Wildlife zoo is incredibly popular, and it’s almost impossible to buy the ticket.