Lion -The King of the Hills has a Walk in the Plains!

written by: HirenMehta
Golf is considered to be a sport that is associated with vast stretches of plain land, often having a puddle or two here and there and maybe a few bunkers and pits. It is not something that is typically played in a sloping terrain. But yes, many golf courses are indeed surrounded by a lot of vegetation and wildlife.
So, what do you expect to happen when animals that are native to the forests venture out into the golf course? One such golf course in Arizona recently gave players quite a sight. A mountain_lion was seen at the 18th hole of the Chiricahua golf course. The mountain lion is a relatively less popular species of the cat family and all cats are known to be curious.
This mountain lion was perplexed by the flag of the hole standing tall. The lion must not have seen such a thin object standing upright on its own like this earlier, especially one with a flag near the top. In the video, you can see that the lion repeatedly raises itself on two feet, trying to get a grab of the pole and more specifically, the flag itself.

Video Source : Sher Hurlburt

Unfortunately, the pole refuses to give way so easily. Although it oscillates here and there owing to the sheer force exerted by the lion, it does not actually come falling down. Puzzled, the Wild Animal pauses for a few moments, during which he has a look at the camera, which is observing him from a distance.
Soon, he goes for another attempt and musters together all his strength. The pole arches downward and the Wild Animal goes for the flag, trying to get it down with his two front paws and then attempting to eat the flag itself. Soon, it appears that the lion realizes that this is not something worth eating, and he springs back a safe distance, causing the pole and the flag to jump back upright in place. Toward the end of the video, you can see that the lion is absolutely still and eyeing the pole without any movement, as if waiting for some action to happen.