Ciara Svaringer

Ciara was born with a rare skin disorder- a giant congenital melanocytic nevus. Her skin is covered with numerous birthmarks, which constantly grow.

She is getting used to social networks, trying not to be ashamed of her skin disorder. She puts her photos and signs them with positive quotes, trying to help people, who have some deficiencies.

Paige Billiot

In 2016, the girl posted photos with a large red birthmark, which she is very proud of. She was born with this spot, which occupies almost the entire left half of her face. Paige is a a successful actress and director from Los Angeles, despite the fact that she is only 23 years old.

Video Source:CBS Los Angeles

Giorgia Lanuzza 

When Giorgia became 13 years old, she started to suffer from psoriasis. Red dry patches that constantly sore and itchy cover 97% of Girogia body. However, she could could fall in love with her skin and now proudly shows the body in photos, encouraging women to deal with this unpleasant disease.

Lexi Harford

23-year-old Lexi Harford became famous after the publication of photos of her inspiring birthmark on the right side of the face. Lexi wanted to show everyone that she is proud to be an extraordinary person.

Cassandra Naude

Canadian professional dancer Cassandra Naude was born with a huge hairy birthmark under her left eye. But Cassandra is proud of the birthmark, and believes that it makes her special and different from others.