Many dog owners see their pets as fluffy, furry friends they can cuddle with. We love our pups, and they love us back!

But dogs can also serve as our guards, protecting us from harm and warning us when there’s danger nearby.

A woman named Lisa Ryal experienced this firsthand when her Rottweiler, Luger, started barking while she was asleep. She woke up and realized that this wasn’t his normal bark. Normally, he whines or howls when lonely, but this bark was meant to grab her attention. Thank God it did!

Lisa walked into her living room and realized why the dog was so frantic: her house was being engulfed in flames.

Lisa and her family were able to escape the burning home with only minutes to spare. If she had waited any longer to leave the house, or if she hadn’t heard the 135-pound animal’s warning, surely there would have been casualties. She suffered burns in the fire but is now recovering. The Ryals know that they may have lost some precious memories in the accident, but they consider themselves lucky to still have one another to make more.

Lisa tells Fox5: “I got lucky the dog was there to wake me up. God was watching out for us because it could have been so much worse.”

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