1. Independence Day: Resurgence

 In 1996, Will Smith and other celebrities led by director Roland Emmerich repulsed an attack of aliens in “Independence Day.” Now Liam Hemsworth and Mike Monroe have to face even more terrible invasion.

Video Source: 20th Century Fox UK

2. Finding Dory

Blue Fish Dory suffers from memory loss and tries to remember and find her parents. Like the previous movie, released in 2003, “Finding Dory” is the creation of director Andrew Stanton.

Video Source:TheEllenShow

3. The Legend of Tarzan

This story tells us how educated by monkeys hero found out about his British origin, moved to London and became Lord Greystoke. However, when Tarzan was sent to Congo as sales representative of the British Parliament, he had toreturn to the forest life and rise on a way of the Belgian villain, Captain Leon Roma.

Video Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

4. The BFG

The BFG  is not only a legendary weapon from the game, named Doom, but also the abbreviated name of the fairy tale book. BFG tells us about a little orphan Sophie, who befriends with a huge giant.

Video Source: Disney Movie Trailers

5. Now You See Me 2

Do you remember a crime thriller “Now You See Me”, which was released 3 years ago? In the second part of “illusions” characters of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman will try to take revenge over smart magicians.

Video Source: Entertainment One UK

6. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Two years ago “neighbors” scared noisy students away and hoped that now the peace is guaranteed. But their hopes ruined, when they got new and awful neighbors.

Video Source:FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras