If all children have a big kind heart as Evan’s, our future will be definitely brighter. Evan is a 10-year-old boy reads to shelter dogs every weekend to comfort them. He spends his weekend reading them books at the Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC

Dogs tend to feel scared of being in shelters. They hear strange noise, smell unusual scents and they’re limited when it comes to interactions. Many of them just set alone at the end of the cage fearing the new place. Sadly, they are always stressed and usually bark when people pass by them. So, they don’t see their true personalities due to their fear.

Boy Reads to Shelter Dogs

Shelters are always trying to ease it for the dogs. And children reading to them actually works! There are reading programs that encourage kids to come and read a story for these scared dogs to comfort them a bit. This is so helpful for the shelter, the dogs and even the kids.

Evan’s mom found a stray dog and she transported him to the shelter, there he decided to volunteer. This kind-hearted boy reads to shelter dogs for the Boroughbreds program. He enjoys doing that, so he started an Instagram page. With his mom’s help, Evan post about the features of the adoptable pups.


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Lately, Evan posted about a dog named Guero. The beautiful boy is waiting for a loving family and is described as, “gentle, soft and an all-around equal opportunist lover who simply loves to freely give love to everyone- hoomans, dogs and cats – and let’s face it the world could do with more of that!”

Furthermore, Evan posted a video while reading to Guero.

“One can easily be drawn to this tender soul by his always upstanding- one perked ear – it’s a part floppy part elf- but it’s ever-so inviting! It’s his way of letting you know he’s always there to hear you out- lending a listening ear if you will!” He captioned.


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 However, The kind-hearted boy says his reward is seeing the stressed dogs relax and some even fall asleep. He told BuzzFeed, “All dogs are good — they’re just scared and they need love and they just need to know someone is on their side. I am happy to be their friend and I can tell it means a lot to them just by the way they react to me.”

boy reads to shelter dogs

Thus, Evan wants to stay with volunteering in the long-term. However, someday wishes to help walk the shelter dogs. Also, he said that one day he will adopt a dog of his own and by then he hopes, “New York will be a no-kill state.”

Keep up the wonderful work, Evan!