There are many predators of small animals, especially puppies. These predators can be coyotes and bobcats, but sometimes it can be air-borne like owls and eagles. The problem with puppies is that these cute beings do not always bark. And so, if you somehow leave them behind and expect them to keep following you, you might turn and see they have disappeared.

cute puppy

Such was the fate of Latte, a 12-week-old puppy, who lives in Arizona. Latte was playing with her foster siblings outside in the backyard when a menacing owl came down and took her away. Bonnie Ziegler, the foster mom, was just turned away. She did not want to supervise the playfulness of these puppies as they kept themselves in the corner. But when the predatory bird took away the cute puppy, it was a horrible sight. Bonnie did not what she would do. But then, after 12 hours, a happy news came in. Latte, the cute puppy was safe, though injured by the owl’s claws. It was found in a golf course.

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cute puppy

cute puppy


Melissa Gable, working as the chief engagement officer of the rescue group that was acting as a foster to Latte, said that puppies are quite vulnerable to large predators, especially those who threaten from the air. Desert climate can make it more common. There are other predators too like bobcats and javelina. So, even if foster moms are just a few meters away and are not attentive, the predators can swoop in and take away the prey. That’s what the fate was of the cute puppy, Latte. However, it seems like she was lucky to not be killed.

IT'S ARIZONA GIVES DAY and Latte could use your help! This little 12-week-old puppy was snatched from her foster family'…

Posted by Foothills Animal Rescue on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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Now, the cute puppy is making a quick recovery. The entire community is standing beside her. Maybe, there could be a way to protect these puppies from predators coming in from the air.

Credit: Facebook/Foothills Animal Rescue