Why do some people look different from others? The answer is genetics. There are individuals born with some rare genetic conditions. Most of these conditions are of little or no harm to the body while few affect the usual daily activities. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the following 15 people with rare and unique features.

People with mirror hands


This condition is medically referred to as ulnar dimelia. It’s a rare form of congenital disorder in which the individual affected usually lacks a thumb and has duplicated digits on either hand.

People with missing fingers



Medically, this condition is referred to as amniotic band syndrome. This genetic condition has a strong association with other conditions including clubfoot and cleft lip and palate among others.

People having pruney fingers


This is a rare and unique genetic condition in which the skin on your fingers becomes quickly wrinkled once put in water. While it might be advantageous in gripping objects in the water, some people find it a nuisance.

People with cleft hand


This rare genetic condition is medically referred to as ectrodactyly. It’s a condition in which a person is born with three fingers. Some people call it split hand. Interesting, isn’t it?

People with missing bones from fingers and toes


This genetic condition is also called symbrachydactyly. It’s a congenital anomaly in which bones of the fingers and toes are missing. Besides, some fingers or toes may either be missing or be small.

People having extra fingers on both hands


Medically, this rare and unique genetic condition is called polydactyly. The affected individuals are born with extra digits on either hand. The extra digit could be any finger.

People with multi-colored eyes and hair


These individuals usually possess different colors on each eye and different hair colors on either side of their bodies. This rare genetic condition is referred to as Waardenburg syndrome and is almost always associated with deafness.

An iris split halfway with two different colors


This unique genetic abnormality is medically called sectoral heterochromia. It’s mostly hereditary and affects a person from birth.

People with elf ears


Elf ears develop when the ear cartilage is genetically shaped differently. Eventually, babies are born with pointed ears. How amazing!

People with hair swirls in symmetry


Symmetrical hair swirls result from a rare genetic condition that causes the hair to align in a strange symmetrical pattern. Amazing, isn’t it?

People having scars in the eye


This rare and unique genetic condition results in a scar forming on the eye macula found in the retina. Such people have difficulties focusing since their central vision is disrupted by the scar tissue.

People having a cluster of freckles on one facial side


This is an extremely rare genetic condition in which individuals are born with freckles on one side of their faces. This should definitely be a rare and unique birthmark.

People lacking a nose bridge


Lack of a nose bridge is linked to a couple of genetic conditions such as achondroplasia, neurodevelopmental delays, and osteogenesis imperfecta among others.

People with tentacles on the tongue

Rare And Unique tongue by SligPants

These people possess a unique genetic condition that causes mucosal folds to develop below the tongue. It’s usually not something serious, but if you discover tentacles growing underneath your tongue, you better see a doctor for evaluation.

Double jointed people


People with hypermobile joints can move their limbs in some unique directions that ordinary people can’t. This rare genetic condition is present in 10 to 25 percent of the population.


The individuals discussed above possess the rarest genetic conditions you’ll ever find. Some of them are amazing, while others pose a disability. All in all, let’s appreciate the beauty of science, shall we?