Dogs don’t hold back when it comes to love. They miss your absence terribly and express their immense relief and love the moment they set their eyes on you. Alice had been away at the university for 4 weeks and Buster, her rescue dog has been barely holding on. The 17-year-old is deaf and doesn’t realize the moment when Alice comes in. But a gentle touch is all he needs, and the deaf dog transforms into a pup once again.

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deaf dog transforms into a pup

The moment Buster fully wakes up and clears his eyes to sees her he is unrestrained in his joy. The small tap on his back triggers a few moments of endearing madness. One would think his reaction would be muted for so old a dog. Perhaps a few wags of the tail and a lick on the face. But Buster seems to transform into a puppy, such is his excitement on seeing Alice.

deaf dog transforms

Instead, the deaf dog transforms into a 17-week-old puppy once again. He prances around and yelps in feverish ecstasy. It is yesterday once more for the momentarily boisterous dog. Her energetic and unrestrained celebration is a charming sight.

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deaf dog charms

Buster has been a part of Alice’s family ever since he was only four. Alice has lost her mother recently and this has brought Buster even closer to her. But Alice has to stay away for her studies and can only return home once every few weeks. It is only after what seems to him like ages that Buster finally gets to meet her and the deaf dog transforms into a pup during those few days that he has Alice beside him. The video of Buster celebrating Alice’s return is sure to melt a few hearts.

Credit: Rumble