All people are able to make a significant contribution to their community. All in all, it just takes some attention to the weak and showing them some kindness and appreciation. These 4 boys did that.

In Detroit, Michigan, these 4 boys were walking around the area. Then, they noticed around. After that, they realized it’s an abandoned dog who was tied up outside. Hence, the dog seemed so malnourished. So, Kenny, Kevin, Andrew and Kenneth decided to rescue her.

4 boys

So, they released her from the leash, took her to one of their homes, fed her some bologna and obviously, she liked it!

However, she warmed up to the kids. They decided to call her Sparkles, also played with her for hours. Afterward, they called Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, a local nonprofit, to make sure she had somewhere safe to go.

When the rescue team arrived, they thanked the 4 boys for their hard work and warm hearts. Of course, the kids’ primary concern was that Sparkles would be taken care of, and she was.

Immediately, she was fully recovered and was adopted into an amazing forever family!

Nevertheless, that’s not the end of the story. The rescue team asked the boys to call them if they ever found any other animal in need, and they excitingly agreed.

Just a few months later, they managed to be on their promise and saved two more pups from abandonment!

Great job, little men! Detroit is clearly a better place because all of you are in it. We can all learn from you how to be selfless just by looking for ways to give a hand to anyone in need.