5 Interesting Facts About Selfies It is believed that the world’s first selfie was made by American photographer Robert Kornelisus 127 years ago. Nowadays, people are trying to take selfies in the most unusual and unfamiliar surroundings, but the most unusual selfie was made by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He took his picture in space in 1966 and published it in social media in 2014.

However, nowadays you won’t surprise anybody even with a selfie from Mars, which rover Curiosity has been successfully making since 2011.

Selfies show emotional problems

Selfies are nothing more than a desire to reveal yourself to the world and show significance. American scientists from the University of Florida claimed that a personal life can suffer from overuse of selfie pictures.

However, according to your own Instagram photos, you can trace the path of your own development. Just don’t become crazy about taking your pics every day.

Relfie (relationship selfie)

Scientists have called relfie, or relationship selfie, one of the most annoying types of selfies, pointing that other users have negative emotions, seeing such pictures.

However, when you are satisfied with your relationships, relfies of other people won’t bother you.

Grofie  (group panorama selfie)

First grofie was proposed and patented by Huawei Ascend P7 manufacturers. With such option you don’t need a handheld selfie monopod and can take pictures with a large number of people.