Like any other pet, cats are susceptible to health issues, and owners need to be conscious of early signs. Some serious conditions have subtle symptoms, making it crucial to be vigilant and get help and treatment early. The problem with felines is that they are less likely to show their pain and illness, which means you have to be extra watchful. The sooner you get help, the easier it is to save the pet from prolonged and sometimes deadly health issues. Here are some signs every cat owner must take seriously.  

Diarrhea and vomiting 

It is easy to believe that diarrhea and vomiting are common problems for household pets, but they can get serious if left untreated. Don’t just associate them with dietary indiscretion or intestinal parasites because delaying treatment can have serious implications. The animal may get dehydrated if things go worse. It may suffer from intestinal inflammation after long bouts of diarrhea. Schedule a vet appointment right away to get help. 

Loss of appetite 

While it is normal for felines to have an erratic appetite, you must still not ignore it. If the pet misses the occasional meal and eats normally otherwise, you must follow the pattern closely. But a complete check-up is warranted if it stops eating or consumes only tiny amounts. There could be a serious underlying cause while missing meals for days can cause hepatic lipidosis. A sudden increase in appetite is also a cause of concern as it can be an indication of hypothyroidism. 

An unusual lump 

Cancer is perhaps the scariest word for any pet parent, but timely treatment can help you save the cat’s life. Pay attention to any unusual lump or bump on the animal’s body. You must be alarmed if it seems to change in shape and size. Taking your pet to a vet right away can help to get an early diagnosis and proper treatment. Discuss the option of CBD to deal with cancer in cats because the therapy can help with pain and inflammation. You can use it as a long-term therapy as it is natural, safe, and effective. 

Weight changes 

Weight gain and loss are both reasons to worry for cat owners because they may be a warning sign of an underlying medical condition. You should take weight loss seriously in the short run, while weight gain is problematic if it happens over time. If these changes seem to be unexplained, seeing a pet at the earliest is the best thing to do. The animal needs a complete evaluation to understand the reason for these changes. 


A more subtle indication of a health problem is lethargy. If the pet cat is otherwise energetic, a sudden change in energy levels requires attention. Take note of sleeping and resting patterns. If it seems to be sleeping more than usual or simply lying down a lot, something may be wrong. Schedule an appointment right away to get a diagnosis. 

As a cat owner, you are responsible for the pet’s health. It is easy to ignore early signs and symptoms, but you must get help as soon as you notice them. Be regular with scheduled appointments even if the pet seems fit and fine.