Dogs make great companions and you can end up spending endless hours with them and still feel energized. Most dog breeds, even some of the big guard dogs with fearsome reputations, are playful with their hooman family.

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These playful dog breeds are sure to cheer you up when you are down:

1. English Springer Spaniel

playful dog breeds

This resourceful and energetic breed seems to have a perpetual supply of energy and loves nothing more than a vigorous play session, especially with the whole family. They are totally in love with the outdoors where they are at their cheerful best. Hiking and other agility activities keep them from turning overly enthusiastic.

2. Labrador Retrieverplayful dog breeds

You will love this big dog for a lot of reason but one of the foremost is their playful and fun-loving demeanor. They are the most popular of the playful dog breeds. The retriever is a tireless athlete and is always enthusiastic about ever-exciting games. They are excellent companions for outdoor activities like hiking and hunting. They love water sports too.

3. Beagle

playful dog breeds

This dog loves to make use of his powerful sense of smell. Games such as hiding treat around the house excite them. They are one of the happiest dog breeds and look for opportunities to join in the fun. Take them hiking and watch them sniff around everything that comes before them.

4. Dalmatian

playful dog breeds

They have the genes of a circus performer and a coach dog. This is the reason that they always have some energy to spare for another round of rowdiness. If you love the outdoors and are game for regular rounds of vigorous play, a Dalmatian is just the right dog for you. Perhaps the most energetic of the playful dog breeds; they love to learn new tricks and are happiest when given new challenges every day.

5. Australian Shepherd

playful dog breeds

These dogs were first bred in the U.S. Among the most boisterous and playful dog breeds, they are born for the outdoors and are typically versatile and energetic. The intelligent Australian Shepherd requires an active outdoor life to keep them satisfied. Look for ways to channelize their energy into interesting games like playing fetch, retrieving hidden objects, obstacle courses and other agility games. Think of a trick and the Australian Shepherd is game for it.

6. Boxer

playful dog breeds

If there is one name that readily fits a boxer, it is Happy. This sweet-natured and extremely playful dog loves to be among energetic and enthusiastic children that go with their nature. Their silly antics keep even the most morose person amused.

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These dogs have boundless stock of energy and it is through their liveliness that these playful dog breeds expend it. Take them outdoors regularly and it will keep them fit and your family cheerful.