Pet adoption events are great. It’s a place were many prospective owners try to give abused and traumatized dogs a second chance in life. Most generous dog lovers are found here who know that these left-behind and traumatized animals require a second chance in life. But these dog lovers know that they need to put in an extra bit of effort to help the dog trust them and human beings in general. But imagine if things go wrong even in such a wonderful event like a pet adoption event. That’s what happened with a kidnapped puppy here.

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At a Holly Springs Pet Adoption Event, a 9-week-old pup was kidnapped. The puppy was traumatized in itself and was just hoping to get a forever home. She needed lots of love and care. She was called Pisa and she was a bower-hound mix.

However, things did not turn out fine for Pisa. A 6-feet tall man with a gray and green hoodie had been eyeing Pisa in the wrong way for a long time. She did not know what to feel about it. Was this man a prospective owner? Before there was an answer, the 6-feet man snatched Pisa in the worst way possible and started running from the scene. No one could even understand how he kidnapped the puppy in such a short while. People all around started to yell but the suspect had already fled the area. It was almost at the end of the adoption event at Petco and so, that fell in the advantage of the kidnapper.

PISA HAS BEEN FOUND!!! We were contacted a bit ago by Holly Springs Police Department that Pisa had been turned in – so…

Posted by Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation on Sunday, November 3, 2019

But thankfully, the police are always there to help. When the case was filed with the police, they came into action to find the kidnapped puppy. And eventually, they did! Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation had the dog returned to them by the police. The kidnapper was found near Arbor Creek subdivision in the evening.

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According to the organizers, Pisa was microchipped which made it easier for the police to spot the kidnapped puppy. However, she was not vaccinated completely for her age.