A 3-year-old child is seen matching steps with her dog in an endearing performance of a song from a Walt Disney classic. This re-enactment of the beautiful dancing scene from the all-time favorite movie, “Beauty and the Beast” will bring both a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. The child and her dog dance together for almost 40 seconds before her beast calls it a day.

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child and her dog love

Rudy, the gentle dog, has been Emily’s friend since the day she stepped into this world. The dog has been close to her all of her 3 years. They are as close as only best friends can be.

These two share an unbelievable bond but they did something even more incredible when they re-enacted the iconic dancing scene from the Walt Disney classic, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ Emily’s favorite film.

child and her dog dance couple

Emily’s mother recalled that they were watching the screening for the umpteenth time. Suddenly, Emily wanted to don her costume to transform into Belle. She wanted Rudy to also put on the Beast’s costume.

Wearing a beautiful yellow costume, Emily, the ‘Beauty’ and Rudy, the ‘Beast’ danced along for all of 40 seconds. The child and her dog dance gently holding their hands, or rather hands and paws, as they sway to the movie’s theme song, ‘Tale as old as time.’ Though there was no romantic candlelight, the moment when little Emily rested her head on Rudy’s shoulder will remain the sweetest moments ever for Emily.

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We will never know if Rudy asked Emily, ‘Are you happy here with me?’ but this is one of the most incredible re-enactments of a ‘Tale as old as time, (a) song as old as rhyme.’

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Posted by Kaylee Slobotski on Sunday, October 27, 2019

Kaylee and her husband believe that the lovable gentle giant is the best thing that could have happened in Emily’s life. He puts up with all her inconceivable demands and she is incredibly lucky to have him in her life. The short video recorded as the child and her dog dance will remain one of their most treasured possessions.

Credit: Kaylee Slobotski