Dogs don’t just need walks to go to the toilet.

Walks are a change in their surroundings and a chance to be active.

It’s important to introduce new routes to your dog, give him/her an chance to smell and explore everything, run and play.

Unfortunately, it’s often hard to find a place for quality walks in the city.

Our task as dog parents is to find a way to provide our dogs with a great walk😊

Ideally, daily walks should amount to 2 hours a day, regardless of the size of the dog.

These 2 hours can be divided into 2 or 3 walks, different or equal in duration. Some dogs need more walking time – it all depends on individual needs.

Puppies should be walked more frequently.

🐶Is it okay for a dog to only walk on a leash?

▫️Yes, if the leash is no shorter than 3 m (10 ft).

This way, your dog will be able to step away from you far enough to explore everything he/she is interested in.

🐶Should a dog interact with other dogs in the city?

▫️It’s crucial to find an opportunity for your dog to communicate. Not all dogs need active playing – some are content with simply waving their tail at their friends, smelling each other and going separate ways.

This is totally normal. The main goal here is to give your dog a choice.

Your dog’s interaction with others should be safe for both your dog and other pets.

If your dog doesn’t know how to safely interact (as a result of insufficient socialization as a puppy, for example), it is a problem that you should work on.

And, naturally, don’t let your dog approach dogs whose humans are against such interactions.

🏡So, it’s not really important where a dog lives – in the city or in the countryside.

What’s important is if you can provide your dog with everything that he/she needs for a comfortable (read: happy) life.

If a dog lives in the countryside, but is chained or doesn’t leave his/her enclosure, or “walks” only in the backyard and leaves it only on special occasions (or, worse, doesn’t at all), then he/she is much more unhappy than a city dog that walks a lot, communicates with other dogs and lives his/her canine life to the fullest.