When you lose someone special, it’s really difficult to replace them. You end up being depressed about the loss and can’t really get your focus back on life. That someone does not really have to be a human being – even when pets die, the same feeling of hopelessness enters your mind. A huge vacuum is created inside.

No, you can’t just let go of this vacuum. You can’t replace it with someone else. But you can let another try to fill that void.

Yvonne Gutierrez, a Twitter user, and her family were going through this same traumatic period too. Their pet had just passed away and depression was hitting them hard. It especially affected her father. After the father learned about the late dog, he just broke down. He couldn’t keep his emotions inside him. Healing from such trauma was tough and Yvonne Gutierrez did not know how she could help him.

cute puppy delivered

And then an idea came to her.

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When her father was sitting in his pickup truck and was feeling very low, Yvonne slipped a cute tan and black puppy on his lap. The man was shocked at first. And then, he noticed the little puppy on his lap and was surprised. He couldn’t hold back his tears again. He started crying, both in remembrance of his late furry friend and in delight of his new buddy. From the back seat, Yvonne’s mother tried to calm her husband down. Yvonne Gutierrez was a bit shocked at this outburst of emotions. Her father was really holding down his sadness. The cute puppy came as a miraculous therapist.

Father breaks down

Yvonne gave a quick hug to her dad and let him enjoy with his new friend. As for the puppy, he was astounded by all the tears and the celebration around him. He just started licking the tears off his new hooman.

cute puppy cry

Yvonne’s tweet went viral and everyone is loving the video. They are quite surprised at how the puppy was able to make a grieving person recover so fast. It’s clear – puppies are really angels on Earth.

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A recent photo posted by Yvonne Gutierrez shows her dad sleeping snugly with the puppy embracing him. It’s clear that this cute puppy has fitted right in. Yvonne stated that both of them love each other.

cute puppy fitting in

Isn’t that just delightful!

Image Credit: Twitter/lil bon bon