A German Shepherd Police Dog Was Stabbed in The Head During A Hostage Taking. The police department got a call to the 600 blocks of Sheridan Avenue in Saginaw, Michigan.
Police Dog

“Officers responded to neighbor trouble, which eventually evolved into a domestic situation that evolved into a hostage situation,” Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said.

There was a 48-year-old man who was holding a person who lived with him as a hostage.

The officers moved with Deebo, a 5-year-old K-9 dog, to rescue the hostage alongside arresting the man who was holding him.

A German Shepherd Police Dog Was Stabbed in The Head During A Hostage Taking |

Sadly, the conflict escalated very fast and the man stabbed Deebo in his head with a knife.

Then, officers shot the man in the head, and he died. They are currently on administrative leave according to the protocol and the Michigan State Police is investigating now.

Luckily, they saved the hostage.

“Officers eventually rescued the hostage from the home,” said Police Chief Bob Ruth

But, Deebo was terribly injured.

Deebo had serious injuries in his head so he was rushed to the veterinarian; he is still taking his medical help.

“I think he’s going to be okay, but you never know in these situations until everything comes out. I’m hoping for the best.” said Ruth.

This courageous dog woked with the police in 2016 instead of Kilo, a retired dog who worked for 6 years and stopped in 2017.

Northern Michigan K-9 bought Deebo out of Clare following huge funds from various organizations and people.

This amazing German Shepherd had his training from Scott LaRoe, operator and owner of Magnum K-9 in Quincy, where he learned drugs, arresting, tracking, and safeguarding.

He is so strong responsible dog. Deebo is very popular within the police department, and like all K-9s, is part of the family.

Ruth askes the community to pray for Deebo’s recovery at the veterinarian hospital.