Dogs are angels on our planet. If we go through books and literature, we might find many heroes who give up their life for a loved one. But we don’t often come across stories where an animal may have consciously given up life for their loving owner. Maybe they are lost because nobody can believe an animal as a hero. However, the legend of this pitbull will be told through the ages as a story of a hero.

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Named after the Greek God, Zeus, this 8-month-old heroic pitbull took his last breath after fighting a snake. The children of his family were playing in the yard of their home in Sumter County, Florida. It was September 23rd, the weather was fine and the Richardson kids took Zeus out and were busy playing.

heroic pitbull zeus

But what the young kids did not realize was that a coral snake was approaching them from behind. Zeus noticed that there was something fishy going on behind them. And so, he leaped into action, as Gary mentions, and started fighting the snake. Gary is the children’s father. Zeus was bitten 4 times. When the kids ran inside along with Zeus, Gary knew that something was fishy with their heroic pitbull.

heroic pitbull in pain

They immediately rushed to the vet in Ocala. They knew that the anti-venom would make the heroic pitbull better. But Zeus was tired. The vet tried their best but the heroic pitbull passed away the next day.

heroic pitbull passes away

Coral snakes are very venomous. When they bite a pet, the poison paralyzes them, including their breathing, making them choke and die. This results in drooling, incapacity to bark, convulsions and diarrhea. It is possible to ward off the symptoms for about 18 hours. But it was too late for Zeus, even though the family tried their best.

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Gina Richardson called it an heartbreaking event. Zeus was family and really loyal. Generally, pitbulls are considered aggressive, but that’s just not true. Zeus was lovely. According to Gina, mistreated pitbulls can be aggressive.

But even with the heartbreak, it can be said that Zeus died a hero’s death. This heroic pitbull requires a hero’s tribute – maybe in the form of an article that will be shared far and wide for everyone to listen to his story.

Image Credits: FOX 35