You must have seen it happen in movies. The hero of the movie somehow turns up at the back of the marathon and then, they start running faster than everyone. In the end, they become the first one to cross the finish line. Yeah – it’s a common comic trope and it will make you laugh to pieces. But have you seen that happening in real life?

Well, we can’t say that it happened with actual people, but then, with this dog – the comic trope becomes all too real. Dogs are energetic animals and they love running around. For humans though, they have to practice for marathons or races to keep up with others and have enough energy to cross the finish line. Well, at Elkmont Trackless Train Half Marathon, the human runners really got a challenge from the 2-year old lazy bloodhound.

the lazy bloodhound runs fast

Ludivine, the lazy bloodhound, was on her way to pee when she saw the marathon taking place. And once she saw the group, she couldn’t stop herself. She dashed into the marathon and started running. Since there were no policies against dogs, no one said anything.

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Ludivine's grand entrance to half marathon running!

Posted by Elkmont's Hound Dog Half on Monday, January 18, 2016

April Hamlin, the owner of the dog, was quite surprised. She had opened the door and in a moment, Ludivine was rushing through the track. She thought that the dog would come in the way of other runners and make them trip. After all, Ludivine was quite friendly. On top of that, Ludivine, the bloodhound, was also quite lazy. So, the sudden participation in the marathon as well as competing in it was quite a shock.

the lazy bloodhound winning

A runner in the Marathon, Jim Clemens, recalled how when he was in the fourth position, the dog would just run beside him. Jim often thought that the dog had fallen back but then it would come back up and dash past Jim. She would even cross the two leaders. However, the distracted Ludivine would often run out of the track and start sniffing around.

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the lazy bloodhound medal

Maybe if she wasn’t so distracted, Ludivine, the lazy bloodhound, would have won. She did finish at the seventh place despite the pit stops. She completed the race within one and a half hour. Truly brilliant! No wonder she got a medal!