Firstly, a man in Casper, Wyoming posted a few photographs showing his dogs constrained by red sticky tape on Facebook trying to get snickers. Numerous watchers, remembering police for Casper, Wyoming, didn’t discover the humoring the post.

Also, the photographs demonstrated the two dogs. With their legs, bodies, and heads limited by formality. Alongside a shot subtitle: “maybe they wont (sic) chew up stuff or run away or belittle devils…”

A Man Taped Up His Dogs And Posted Photos To Facebook, Then Police Found Out

Also, Officials with the Casper Police Department quickly sent Animal Protection specialists to the man’s home to examine the case. After the examination, Casper PD posted its own update.

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A Man Taped Up His Dogs And Posted Photos To Facebook, Then Police Found Out

Facebook/‎Jeri Lynn Yinger

“We evaluated the animals and spoke with him about the incident. He expressed extreme sympathy about the incident. And spoke at length with officers about the proper treatment of animals,” the post read stated. “[The suspect] has no history of prior animal issues through our department and at the time of evaluation, the animals did not show any signs of abuse or neglect in their home.”

So, The Casper PD has made it understood it uses all open data accessible in stopping violations against animals. So, it incorporates checking online life.

“The Casper Police Department Animal Protection Officers are passionate about the wellbeing of animals. In our community,” the police department stated. “We sincerely appreciate our community members bringing this situation to our attention.”