Dogs can show what true loyalty is! This cute dog refused to give up his wait for his owner after he got lost. He waited for 4 years, equal to a third of his life before finally the dog was united with his owner.

The shaggy dog’s life took a new turn after he was spotted by a resident of Thailand, Anuchit Uncharoen. It was loitering patiently near the road in the Mueang District, a forlorn look on its face. It was originally reported by Dog Thailand and later taken up by Asia One.

Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Anuchit also noticed a woman feeding the dog. He enquired around and came to know that the dog, named Leo by the locals, had been waiting devotedly for his owner for the past 4 years.

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Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, September 5, 2019

He looked a little gaunt after living on the street and also had a skin disorder. So, Pinnuchawet, the lady who fed her, had tried to take him home. But days later Leo ran away and returned to his vigil by the road.

Pinnuchawet had no choice but to bring food to that roadside spot. Each day she or someone from her home would bring food for Leo.

After the news spread on the net, sympathetic citizens kept sharing it until luck finally shone on Leo. A family saw the picture of Leo and realized that he looked a lot like BonBon, their dog lost 4 years ago near that spot.

In 2015, the original owner, Noi had taken the dog to visit their relatives. Parked at a gas station on the way, they realized that BonBon was not in the car.

Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Noi thought that BonBon might have seen something interesting and jumped out. A search was conducted but it proved futile.

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They gave up on BonBon, until they got this piece of news thanks to that fellow citizen. On September 9, they came to the spot to take BonBon home. After 4 long years, the dog was united with his owner. BonBon was elated to see them, and vigorously wagged its tail, but in an unusual twist, he seemed unwilling to leave the spot from where he had kept his 4-year vigil.

Noi discussed the issue with Pinnuchawet and they decided that she would look after the dog while Noi would drop by regularly to check on the dog. They took him to the veterinary and then back to his old spot by the roadside.