A stray dog comes across several kinds of hazards. They are always encountering ditches or oncoming traffic. One careless move can injure them severely. That’s why you can often find stray dogs having a limp from the loss of a limb or gashes. The problem is that these ‘deformities’ can make them unwanted by others. So, these animals, who are in dire need of love and a home, fail to get a home.

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Such was the fate of poor Bonnie, a border collie cross. She had lost a part of her front left paw, her snout  and also, her tail. Yeah, it seems like she must have met with a gruesome accident. After all, she’s a stray dog in Romania. But then, that’s not the whole story. It seems like the injuries may have been human-made. Yes, it’s sickening.

Time was not Bonnie’s friend. She was supposed to be euthanized. But then, Beacon Animal Rescue Centre in Canterbury came to her rescue. She was taken to the United Kingdom. The owner clicked a few pictures of Bonnie and uploaded it on Facebook. Maybe a kind heart may look at it and find a home for her.

Kate Comfort, a civil servant, spotted the picture and was in love with Bonnie. As luck would have it, Beacon Animal Rescue Centre was run by her friend, Rebecca. Once the soulful eyes of Bonnie looked back at Kate, she knew she had to bring her home. At first, her husband was reluctant. They already had 3 dogs. But then, Kate was able to convince him and Bonnie became family. That no one else wanted Bonnie made Kate want her even more.

However, at first, Bonnie’s look made Kate uncomfortable. Slowly, her looks did not matter anymore. Bonnie is a positive dog though. She has forgiven all the ill acts of human beings that she went through and is mostly positive about everyone. She loves humans. And her family is perfect.

At first, Kate wanted to get a prosthetic leg for the pet. So, they created an Instagram page and asked for a fundraiser. However, later, they found that her wound was constantly opening up. So, they came to the realization that they’re just making Bonnie go through the process of surgery for cosmetic’s sake. She was perfectly imperfect and they accepted that. Hence, they opted to go to the vet and remove the stump completely.

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Yet the looks of Bonnie has gained some attention in public. When the family goes out for a walk, many people call the dog ‘freak’, ‘a stray dog’, and refer to her as ‘it’. One person even attempted to kick it. Kate feels terrible when Bonnie goes through these problems even now.

However, the internet is so much kinder. The Instagram page has amassed about 14,000 followers. It such a burst of positivity for the family and for Bonnie. She deserves all the love in the world, just like any dog does.

Kate and the Internet are willing to give that to her. She is no longer a stray dog.

Credit: bravebonbon