Archer, a dog from Alaska, suffered horrific burn injuries when his house caught fire. But he has miraculously recovered thanks to the use of fish skin to cure his wounds. As fire-fighters reached the scene, the frightened and severely burned dog ran away but was finally found not far from his house. But he would not have survived had it not been for the help of Dr. Oakley, and other doctors and volunteers, who stood by the brave dog and put him through a revolutionary treatment.

severely burned dog

Archer lives in the remote town of Haines in Alaska. But luckily Dr. Michelle Oakley, famous for Dr. Oakley, the National Geographic show, agreed to help. She has a lot of experience in treating animals with serious injuries. But she was in California. Poor Archer had to suffer a 7-hour ordeal in the extreme weather as he waited for the treatment of her injuries, People reported. After she was a bit stable, Archer returned home to begin her long treatment under the care of Dr. Oakley.

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severely burned dog

Dr. Oakley set up a burn unit and started with bandage changes for the severely burned dog. But she realized that Archer’s burns injuries required a specialist in the field.

She sought help from Dr. Jamie Peyton, burn specialist at the University of California, Davis. He recommended a revolutionary course of treatment. It required placing the skin of the tilapia fish over the affected areas. It would hasten the healing process.

The severely burned dog was covered in layers of fish scales. He began to be called “Archer the Dragonslayer.” Archer got instant relief.

severely burned dog

The whole community came to Archer’s aid. While Dr. Oakley treated the severely burned dog for free, residents of Haines provided for the additional medical expenses.

severely burned dog

The fish skin therapy worked and Archer slowly transformed into a normal dog. Only a spot the size of a quarter remained to remind us all of the horrific accident. But of course, all these would not have been possible without the love and care of Dr. Oakley, her team and the countless other volunteers who rallied behind Archer and his recovery.

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Posted by Nat Geo Wild on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dr. Oakley insists that Archer’s spirit played a big part in his recovery. The severely burned dog endured the pain and never refused a visit to the vet. Dr. Oakley says she learned a lot about treating burn injuries and will use this experience to treat other animals.