Animal abuse is a growing problem on our planet. Thankfully, with the power of the internet, it is no longer kept closed within a secret circle. Many people have cellphones to record a video of animal abuse going on. Plus, people can also set up CCTV cameras which give them insight into any form of animal abuse. The power of the internet can bring animal abusers to justice.

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However, the internet has brought another trend with it – pranks. Pranks have become one of the worst internet trends of today. While innocuous pranks like booing a person from behind the door can always make you smile, the internet has taken the concept of prank and made it worse. Now, pranks can even be harmful and downright abusive.

Such a kind of prank which was simply animal abuse in disguise was recorded by phone, possibly in the UK. A man was seen walking to a French mastiff, who was poking out of the window of a pick-up truck. The man stood beside the dog and then, smirked at the camera. It was clear that the cameraman was his friend. Then, he looked over his shoulder to see if the owner was anywhere near or not. Not finding anyone, the man just slapped the mastiff across its face. There was a loud crack, which could be heard from across the street into the camera.

The impact of the slap makes the dog recoil. The dog’s partner, a Dogue de Bourdeaux, squeezes his head out of the window and starts barking at the man. The man, however, just merrily walks away. During the whole act, the cameraman giggled.

When the video was posted, social media users became really concerned. They wanted the RSPCA into the act. The RSPCA saw the footage and determined that the incident occurred in the UK. However, they are not sure where.

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RSPCA is worried about the dogs and wishes that the owner contacts them. The owner can tell if the dogs are okay after this terrible form of animal abuse in the name of pranks. They want a little information on the current situation.

Regarding other social media users, the RSPCA wants them to tell them if they can recognize the man in the video. More information on this man can help them apprehend him.