A Bull Terrier mix who aged 6 months was tortured by his previous owners who shot the puppy in the head and had beaten him with a hammer.

Bull Terrier mix

These savage people neglected her, but luckily, a shelter saved her. The Bull Terrier mix. Bubbles were still in a horrible case and wanted many surgeries to repair what happened to her.

At some point, Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her partner Ike Blanchard who are owners of mobile dog care were chipping in at the safe house found the opportunity to meet Bubbles. It was such an amazing gathering where Bubbles had a sense of security around the couple.

“She was just lying in her kennel but the moment we opened it up she came out and buried her head into my chest and just wanted to be held. We knew instantly that we wanted to be a part of her life. We immediately signed up to be her medical fosters and picked her up a few days later.”

But, there were many wounds that Bubbles must have been handled and the couples had a long excursion with Bubbles until she completely recovered.

Abused Bull Terrier mix

Bubbles had a lot of wounds from the abuse through and the beating from the hammer. So, she required veterinary intercession; she had been shot through her correct eye which broke her jaw and inner ear.

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Abused Bull Terrier mix

“We did not know the real extent of her injuries when we brought her home but her right eye was severely injured, she had an open wound on the right side of her face, and the bullet could be felt under the skin, just behind the right ear.”

“X-rays revealed that her jaw was shattered and had begun to heal and the shattered pieces had calcified together. And made it to where she could only open her mouth about half an inch. After a CT scan, it was confirmed that she was shot point-blank in the eye and the bullet shattered her jaw and also her inner ear.”

How was Bubbles treated?

To recover, she required a part of her lower jaw to be evacuated so she can open her jaw without any problem. Concerning her internal ear and right eye, they should have been evacuated and deterred totally so they remain clean.

“Her first surgery was quite extensive so it was best to split her surgeries into the most critical ones first. It was uncertain how well everything would go but we knew it was worth a try. She had a total of four surgeries. But she handled each one like a champ and now she enjoys life like a normal young puppy.”

So, what happened to Bubbles?

Luckily, Bubbles did recoup and is currently doing truly well with others; she is trusting and cherishing towards others.

The couple helped her to build up these confiding seeing someone by taking her to communicate with others in the outside world.

“After her recovery, her true spirit and energy really began to show. She loves every person she meets and wants to play with every dog she meets. She does not seem to carry any reminders of her past. Or hold any grudges, she has put it far behind her and lives her life to the fullest.”

Bubbles became an Instagram star with 67,000 followers under the handle, @khbubbles.

Bubbles is now with a caring family.

Watch the video here.