About a year ago today, 4 little puppies were born to a mom on a chain. three of them were saved and a puppy was left as their laws weren’t strong to save him. The three rescued siblings had different fates than the puppy left behind.

Sometimes he is chained and other times he’s free to wander, which led to a car accident. The fourth puppy, “Cuatro”, had his day a week ago. These people finally saved him after they were dreaming about this for a whole year!

Their cheerful tears of joy turned to sadness as they knew he had a back break from the car accident and was not able to control his tail and anus muscles.

Almost a week later, his intestine was working almost perfectly, challenging all odds just as if it were a miracle. Quattro was healthy enough to welcome his first visit to the rehabilitation center. His brother, Sinbad. Keep in mind that they’ve been informed that Quattro may never have control over his tail and vets suggested amputation. It was an amazing reunion in many ways!