A very special case of an abandoned Pitbull proves how heartless human beings could be. This story will show you this.

After being locked for two years in a small cage, Landis the Pitbull got a second chance at life. |

A 2-year-old Pitbull was saved by Second Chance Rescue NYC. Someone who is completely heartless caged him in a very small cage that didn’t even fit his body. That’s why this dog is now suffering from a curved spine and folded legs. Unfortunately, this dog is dwarfed.


The Georgia shelter took the Pitbull to begin his clinical and physical medications. The saved pitbull was friendly and very kind. So, all he wanted in life is another opportunity. All the volunteers were surprised by how friendly and charming he is.


Perhaps he doesn’t look truly like different pooches. However, he has a kind heart, and all he needs is some adoration. Also, presently, he went through a lot, he merits all the joy on the planet.

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The volunteers in the Georgia Shelter chose to give a valiant effort to support the Pitbull. They began the clinical consideration he needs, to make him have a decent future as could reasonably be expected. In the shelter, they named him Landis. Moreover, they began to report each and every recovery. And they set a Facebook page and they called it Project Landis.


After the clinical treatment, Landis is presently looking good and changed. So, he looks beautiful all around. This pit bull faced loads of difficulties. So, he deserves somebody to love and give him the eternity safe home. Also, he is presently waiting that somebody will receive him and offer him those things.


Perhaps he doesn’t look that attractive like those typical pooches, yet he is cherishing and kind and he has the right to be adored.