Dodger boarded the school bus along with his little owner, in Florence, South Carolina. But what the poor dog didn’t know was that it was his last day. The bus driver spotted him and decided to get him off the bus instantly. No care was taken to disembark him in a safe place and he was left alone near the highway. The poor pet dog was killed in traffic brutally.

Dodger was a Dachshund-Chihuahua cross and was very close to the whole family. He had helped the kid’s grandfather Stan Alexander survive 4 strokes. On the day of his death, Stan had seen Dodger running towards the school bus, but he didn’t know that he will board it. Obviously, the death of his beloved friend has aggrieved him very much. He couldn’t hold his tears when he got to know about Dodger.

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pet dog was killed in traffic

The little girl who was going to school pleaded the driver to leave Dodger near home. But the stubborn driver didn’t bother listening to her and shooed the dog off of his bus. Being a pet dog Dodger had no idea how to cross a busy highway. The Alexander family’s pet dog was killed in traffic and not only that, he was divided into pieces.

Crystal Alexander, girl’s mom, broke down as she saw her pet’s body parts. She had to stop the traffic first to recover them. Crystal couldn’t believe that Dodger is no more. His brutal death is a shock to the whole family.

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Reportedly, the school had sent a person to locate Dodger when they got to know about this incident. But it was too late by then. If only the driver was a bit sensible and humane, Dodger would’ve been alive and safe.

An investigation is to follow but the family has already lost their dog. An innocent pet dog was killed in traffic only because of the driver’s fault. People need to be more sensitive and think about their action’s repercussions before they do anything. May Dodger’s soul rest in peace.

Image: ABC15