It took him 1076 days, but this black-and-white rescue dog finally found a forever home!

Bentley is a 6 years old, 102 lb male American Bulldog mix. He was rescued by Pennsylvania SPCA officers from cruel and negligent owners in October 2016. Because he was raised in a toxic environment, he was a scared young dog. But in the shelter’s behavior office, they saw him take incredible strides in his personal growth. Soon, his personality started to shine through. He is a very intuitive dog who loves playtime and belly rubs and good long naps.

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The Pennsylvania SPCA Facebook page started a hashtag, #TuesdayswithBentley, to help bring attention to this lovable, adoptable dog. Although he gained online popularity, with hundreds of comments, sweet messages, and treats being sent his way, Bentley was still waiting for someone to take him home.

But some dreams definitely come true. After 1076 days, which is nearly three years and half of his life living in a shelter, this rescue dog was finally adopted by a couple who just fell in love with him.

It's here. The day we wait for in animal welfare. The day when you approach the kennel of a dog who has been in the…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Pennsylvania SPCA Facebook page was more than happy to share this bittersweet update. Having spent years with this rescue dog, volunteers and shelter workers couldn’t help but fall in love with him. But they were all ecstatic that this loving dog finally found the humans who would put him first.

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This little guy has been on a long and arduous journey. It has taken a village to help him find out who he is, with people all over the world chipping in likes, shares, comments, volunteering or working with him. But all of this love has helped him become the Bentley that the world loves–and the Bentley that this couple fell in love with. It has been a long journey, but now it will end with endless belly rubs, chasing frisbees, and a forever home for this rescue dog.

Credit: Pennsylvania SPCA