This amazing video was captured by a security camera. In this video, a little Chihuahua female dog named Trixie was walking around and coyote come out from nowhere to attack her in the most sad and emotional scene 🙁

All I see here is a very lucky Chihuahua little dog  with a great friend Rottweiler A very protective big dog  with a big heart  who loves his little friend.

Trixie would have lost her life if it was not for the Hero Rottweiler the most honest and loyal dog breed shown in this video who came to her rescue! The Rottweiler who is owned by the neighbor called jene went right after the Coyote when she saw that Trixie was in need of help and being attacked.

That was amazing! So glad Happy saved little Trixxie! And I loved how Happy continues to run after that coyote like, I’m still gonna whoop you!

Rottweilers are such a beautiful natured dog, very intelligent, and extremely loyal to any person or animal they consider part of their pack.

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Video source :jdpmep