We all know that dogs are the best friend you will ever have in your life ,  they are loyal and so friendly in this video you gonna see Charlie a friendly dog was hanging out in the back yard of his house , and suddenly he saw a baby deer trapped and stuck in the fence. So, he did something absolutely amazing. He waited with the baby deer until help arrived!

Watch as Charlie sits there and waits with the baby deer who was struggling to free himself. Charlie’s owner knew he wouldn’t leave the scared deer alone, so she went up to the baby deer and gently pushed him from behind until he was free at last! The deer just needed a little help and Charlie made it clear to his owner that he wasn’t going anywhere until the baby deer got the help it needed!

This is such an amazing story. Charlie is such a caring dog to keep the deer company like that until help finally arrived! Watch the video below!

Dog Waits With Stuck Baby Deer Until He's Free

When this dog found a baby deer stuck in a fence, he just wanted to help — and then waited with him until he was finally free 💞💞💞

Posted by Odd Couples on Tuesday, October 2, 2018