We do not associate animals with delicate or complex abilities but Milly-Bear, this ‘Pet Hero of the Year 2019’ is intelligent enough for just that. She can detect delicate changes in her owner, Sarah Kelly’s behavior which tells her when she is upset.

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This ability has helped her owner handle hidden disabilities and has also won for Millie-Bear the title of the “Pet Hero of the Year” after a countrywide search throughout the UK. Judges selected after sifting through entries from all over the country. She made it to the top ten and was finally selected as the winner.

Sarah’s chocolate Labrador as been with her for the past 6 months. She helps Sarah deal with PTSD and the early stages of autism. This mother-of-two from Trinity can’t imagine life separated from her “angel,” as she calls Milly-Bear. The dog guides her through busy streets and nudges and inspires her when she detects that Sarah needs help.

safe.co.uk, the Security retailer, is the organizer of the competition.

Sarah said she is overjoyed that Milly-Bear, her constant companion has been selected as the winner of Safe’s ‘Pet Hero of the Year’ in its first edition.

Sarah says that Mille-Bear is her everyday hero. She can immediately sense that Sarah needs help and also keeps a place for her in crowded locations. Sarah feels a lot safer going out with her chocolate Labrador.

The competition was open to various kinds of pets, and even hamsters and goldfish participated. As the winner, Sarah picked up the reward: a Wi-Fi camera that helps her keep track of Milly-Bear and reassure her that her beloved dog is out of harm’s way.

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The managing director of Safe.co.uk, Anthony Neary said that the work that this amazing dog does every day for her owner is unprecedented. She is a praiseworthy and undisputed winner.

The tasks these pets regularly perform for us are just heroic. He said that the bigger-than-life stories of pets that they have received from across the country are unbelievable. It reveals the extent to which pets go out of their way to help their owners. He further revealed that they eagerly awaited the winner of the “Pet Hero of the Year” for 2020.