Sometimes, when we lose our pets, we become disoriented. We don’t really know what we can do to get them back. The thing is somehow, pets are ranked much lower than human beings. So, when you go out and say that maybe a friend or a sister is lost, you will find people running helter-skelter to try and find your lost buddy or relative. But the same priority is not given to a pet.

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If you have lost your pet, most probably a person will just smirk and tell you to buy another. Nor would they be very invested in the entire pet searching thing. However, you know that it is very important for you. A pet is sometimes better than people – they can connect with you on an emotional level. They love you unconditionally – something you won’t feel with a person. And maybe that’s why, when you have a pet, you see the world differently. You can’t think of a world outside of your pet – they are always there with you in your world.

missing dog

Now, imagine the loss of a pet – would hurt terribly, wouldn’t it? That’s what a man from Arizona is going through. He lost his dog and is searching for her everywhere. His dog is named Jenny and she is a Chihuahua. She is just two.

She went missing in April and since that time, her owner Eddie Collins has been searching for the missing dog. He holds the picture of the missing dog and for two months, he offered a cash prize. He knew that no one was generous to just go out of their way to find the missing dog. So, he placed a cash offer hoping that it would be a great impetus. But it was all in vain.

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Now, the man is willing to amp up the prize. For the missing dog, the man is willing to give a property with a one-bedroom home and a few outbuildings. For him, the material life does not matter. He won’t ask any questions or go for any negotiations. He will stay true to his word. The only thing that he asked in return is a reunion with his missing dog, Jenny.

He can go to any length to get his missing dog back. Maybe someone will help him out.