Dogs love us to death and beyond. We don’t need proof any more of how much a dog loves us. We have seen so many cases where a dog just stays in the same place where they have last seen their owner or coming back to that place. You may have watched the movie Hachiko and shed a few tears too. Well, another heartbreaking video shows this kind of intense love of dog and human.

The heartbroken dog, named Luck, waits on the Jetty for his owner. His owner drowned after falling into the river from a boat, a few weeks ago.

heartbroken dog

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The dog is about 3-4 years old. He was found battling the Chao Phraya River in Thailand one morning. Kerdsomsri, a resident, called the dog and pulled him out of the river. She gave him the name ‘Luck’.

Nowadays, the dog is always waiting at the jetty, looking beyond the river and hoping to find his master turn up again.

heartbroken dog

Kerdsomsri takes care of him. However, Luck does not want to eat. He just wakes up and goes to the jetty and waits. The heartbroken dog stays there and does not go anywhere.

Kerdsomsri mentions that the heartbroken dog fell from the boat too near her house. And then, he swam towards her. Maybe the heartbroken dog heard the boat engine and ran towards it, hoping to find someone in it.

heartbroken dog

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The heartbroken dog would just howl all day at the passing boats. He did not want anyone to touch him. That was what the dog did all through the first day.

heartbroken dog

For Ms. Kerdsomsri, it is a sad affair to see this heartbroken dog wail every day at the passing boats. But then, we can’t really understand the depth of the love that dogs carry for us.

heartbroken dog

Perhaps, we never will.

Credit: Viral Press