A family of German Shepherd breeders adopted an orphaned calf called Buddy. Back then, when they found the calf, he was just one day old stuck at the dam with his mother.

Coral and Wayne Algie are a couple who managed to help the calf and his mother to get out; yet, after they both are out, the mother was so sick and tired then she died.

The dam that the baby calf was saved from was so close to the farmhouse of the family in New South Wales, Australia, and then took Buddy in.

 Orphaned Calf

They have a German Shepherd dog named Bada at their home. She gave birth to 11 babies. Therefore, it’s kind of excited about how Buddy will interact with them. In fact, Buddy, the puppies, and their mother are so close to each other.

“Bada has really taken Buddy on as puppy number 12,” Coral stated.

 Orphaned Calf

When he was 6 weeks old, Buddy has imitated all the behaviors of German Shepherds, he likes to chase and play with the puppies, also he wags his tail like them, and snuggle with them when it’s time to sleep.

“He quite enjoys the grooming Bada gives him. He responds really well to her. She is grooming him all the time, licking him, cleaning his eyes – she is constantly with him. said Coral

An Orphaned Calf Acts Like A Dog After Being Around German Shepherds |
Bada likes to take care of Buddy so much that she will be with him of the time a lot.

“When he is out, she supervises him. She walks with him and chases after him. Also, she is so generous with her time. She has been amazing.” said Coral

Also, Buddy loves spending time with the couple’s kids and playing with them; he runs and chases them while on their bikes.

An Orphaned Calf Acts Like A Dog After Being Around German Shepherds |

“He is very affectionate to us” added Coral.