Animal abuse is the worst thing would ever happen in front of an animal lover.

The present dramatic story shows that a few people have not to be permitted to adopt and have animals. They usually practice many ways of animal abuse.  Also, they do not have to be permitted to be close to animals.

Meet Bryan Ellis, a 34 years olf man from Chino Valley, Arizona, who was discharged from jail. Since he was allowed to do anything he desires, he chose to return to his old ways as opposed to turning another page and learning his lesson.

animal abuse

After being discharged, he felt free to damage a portion of his discharge terms right away! He got three pooches, and what he did to them was unspeakable!

Fortunately, Ellis’ neighbor was cautious and called the Police quickly, saying how worried she was about the three dogs who are right now in Ellis’s consideration.

Sadly, when officials showed up at his home, two of the three dogs were at that point missing, and Ellis was bo where to be found.

animal abuse

Outside his home, the Police found the last dog secured up Ellis’ van, and he didn’t leave him any food or water. The Police began looking, and fortunately, they got a call that told them about Ellis’ area.

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“Witnesses describe Ellis picked up the white dog and throwing the dog to the ground several times while also hitting the dog.”

The poor dog was regurgitating and limping away.

Ellis at that point continued to drag Pit Bull began retching also. Witnesses said that Ellis seriously harmed the two dogs.

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The Pit Bull was promptly shipped for veterinary consideration. However, they couldn’t locate the white dog. In the event that anybody has data in regards to the white dog’s whereabouts. At that point straightforwardly contact creature control.

Truly, Ellis was captured as well as accused of animal abuse charges. He is presently held in a detention center and will not be out!