Animals bond for life and are able to feel loyalty, love, and gratitude as much as humans. They ask no questions about their friends or pass any criticisms. But they are heart-broken when a friend leaves them. Animals grieve in their own way that we do not always appreciate. These two stories illustrate the strong attachment between them.

Bonita, the dog had Patch, the cat as her best friend. They always stuck around and did everything together. Patch was always getting into a scrap with the neighborhood cats. And it was in moments like this that their bond was apparent. Bonita would get desperate worrying for her friend. She would keep howling till Patch returned from the battlefield. Patch would swagger around, oblivious to Bonita, but he would return a few moments later and affectionately head butt his canine pal. When Patch passed away, Bonita was grief-stricken for months.

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We do not always perceive it but animals are just as emotional and sensitive in their affections and loyalty. Animals grieve but do so in silence. The bonds they form are as strong and last a lifetime.


The story of these 3 Belgian Malinois illustrates the deep sense of perception that animals have. The eldest, Sef had to be put to sleep at the age of 11. Their owner had arranged for the vet to come home for the job. Somehow the three sensed the inevitable. On the day the vet was to come, they stayed together all day to bid him goodbye. Rhonin and Jaina, the two other dogs kept reaching out to Sef, kissing him every now and then, while the family waited for the vet. He passed away peacefully in the arms of his owners and surrounded by his two friends.

animals grieve

The owners were distraught having to take the decision but they realized that Sef would be free of his sufferings. They cremated him and put up his ashes next to their first dog on their mantle. Rawtashk, their owner revealed in a follow-up that Rhonin and Jaina have been sad since that day. They still come up to the spot where Sef spent his last days. The owners thanked everybody for their support. They posted that those wishing to support this intelligent breed could do so at this site.

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Animals grieve

Animals grieve with as much intensity as humans and when it is time to move on, they are stoic and self-controlled. But it doesn’t mean that their grief is any less profound.

Images: reddit / Rawtashk