Cats and dogs might have been living together as pets in some houses today. But their basic nature doesn’t seem to have left them. In a hilarious incident, a cat whacks the dog when he does something she doesn’t like. Being the enemies they are, they’re forever doubtful of each other’s behaviors.

Cat and dog lazying around

It is never easy to tell who is the one who started the fight among the 2. Did the cat act too aloof or whether the dog was being too playful? To solve this mystery, a pet owner decided to keep a watch on their 2 pets.

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The camera that was kept to record their activities captured some funny incidents! The dog is seen sleeping on the bed and the cat is keeping a watchful eye. Suddenly, there is a noise which startles the cat.

Cat startled by the sound

What made the noise? The dog. As his sleep got deeper,  he didn’t realize that he just farted. The sound of it startled the cat. She tried to ignore this rude behavior of the dog, but she just couldn’t!

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After making sure where the sound came from, the cat whacks the dog. Bam! Bam! She hits him twice on the head. The dog gets up and looks innocently, he has no idea why the cat had hit him! But he is so sleepy that he again puts his head down.

Poor cat, she had to bear the brunt of indigestion of her mate. But was her whacking a lesson enough for him? Well, time will reveal that!

This whole incident was so comic to watch, it has gone viral over the internet. Thanks to the owner for recording it! We always love a cat-dog video, especially one like this where the cat whacks the dog. Such little skirmishes are fun to watch, aren’t they?