Australian Shepherds AKA Aussies are very clever dogs. As a result, they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Secret, is an Aussie that proves that not only human kids love sliding.

The 5-year old Aussie leared how to paint, play Jenga and to love baths through positive reinforcement training by her mom. Yet the two are very attached and they love to do everything together, such as yoga. Secret likes to learn and is always up for new adventures. However, sledding is one of her favorite activities.

Mary’s video of Secret sledding went viral. She was sledding all by herself!

Secret Sledding

In the video, the adorable dog eagerly heads up the snowy hill with a sled in her mouth. As soon as she reaches the top, she drops the sled and hops on.

Therefore, Secret was excitingly carrying the sled in her mouth and heads up to the hill. Just when she reaches the top of the hill, she dropped her sled and jumped!

Furthermore, she sleds down the hill and she also can manage her balance. When she’s down and the sled stops, she jumps off and carries it with her mouth. And turn back to the hill.aussie

350k watched the video on Instagram. Her mom captioned the video with, “Sledding! However, we finally got enough snow to really sled yesterday and Secret couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s definitely one of her favorite activities, she probably went down this hill 50 times today!”


The video makes me wanna go sledding! isn’t it? Excluding having an energy to climb a hill over 5o times for sure! Dogs teach us how to enjoy life, they’re very joyful and active.

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