A Baby Elephant shows his Baby’s Day Out!

written by: HirenMehta
Talk of an elephant and the first picture that comes to your mind is that of a huge wild and wise animal that will usually keep to itself and its family unless you proactively do something that appears threatening. Elephants are known to deeply care for their young ones and protect them in the middle of herds, even though a baby elephant is larger than a fully grown human being.
Naturally, when one such baby elephant loses contact with his family, this unexpected change in the surroundings can invite the wrath of his emotions and sheer power. The video shown begins with a description of the current surroundings of the baby elephant Moyo, who was separated with his family as a result of not being able to keep up with them while swimming. Moyo is currently more than a year old, but the lack of motherly care and training clearly shows in his antics.

Video Source : BBC

The current owner has made sure that Moyo understands how to overcome simple hurdles while moving about and rewards him with love and affection for being clever. Although the owner has rescued many animals and birds so far, none are as big as Moyo is. Moyo can be seen dropping down a plant in the house apparently planning to eat it. Later, he is shown to be having fun with his favorite sofa, which is obviously too small for his size. The owner agrees that it may soon break and they will need to get a bigger one.
Moyo has grown up full of curiosity, constantly trying to figure out doors and tables in his habitat that look quite different from the forests where he should have been. Regularly he can be seen trying to vent his frustration at this harsh reality that he encounters daily. Moyo isn’t potty trained as well, and for an animal as big as an elephant, it can be a very messy situation.
The want of food naturally invites Moyo regularly to the kitchen, where he not only dips into whatever is there worth eating but also keeps dropping any cutlery that gets in the way of his eating. The owner states that Moyo is particularly attracted by silver and toward the end of the video, with great effort, leads Moyo outside the kitchen.