Tucker looks like a bat and it’s very cute!
Meet Trucker, the three-year-old dog who is a very special little rescue puppy. He’s not just special because he’s rescued, but for his facial features that are similar to another interesting animal.

Tucker has a disease called MPS VI. It’s a mucopolysaccharide disease that leads to many issues and deformities. Tucker apparently looks different than other puppies. When he smiles, he looks like a bat. But it’s very adorable and his mom sees that also!

Tucker, unfortunately, doesn’t have an easy life. Besides looking like a bat, he also has disfigured legs which makes it hopeless to walk on the front paws. He also has eyesight issues. But none of this stops Tucker from enjoying life and being a happy dog.

Tucker is one wonderful, strong dog who has a very interesting story! This dog can actually do anything he sets his mind to. And is proving to everyone that having special needs is so not a big deal. He can still do anything he sets his mind to, and he’ll never stop overcoming his struggles every single day.

We love you, Tucker! You are a cute and unique dog! Keep on being the wonderful dog you are!

 By: Slideshow Of Animals

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