Juan Diego Sebastian was a homeless living in Florida. He was assaulted by an unknown person one day when he was sitting in a park. His injuries proved fatal and the homeless man passed away. But the dog who usually used to be with him came to see him in the hospital.

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Cheeto, the dog, put his head in Juan’s hand and Juan caressed him. Tears rolled out of his eyes as he watched Cheeto. Juan used to collect cans and sell them to make money. With that money, he bought food for himself and Cheeto. The dog hadn’t forgotten his friend who fed him.

Ramos spent about 2 weeks with Juan, in hope that his condition will improve. She knew him and on a few occasions, she had prepared food for him. She was present at the time when Cheeto came to see Juan. It was an emotional moment.

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Despite the efforts of Ramos and the hospital staff, the homeless man passed away. Cheetos and Juan were a common sight in the locality. According to the locals, they never used to bother anyone. It is beyond understanding why someone beat him up so badly.

On Thursday, a memorial took place at the bench, to commemorate Juan. Quite naturally, Cheeto would’ve been heartbroken at his friend’s death.

Ramos said that most of the homeless people are quite old. Being aged, they’re vulnerable to such attacks. She fears such an incident to happen again in the locality.

Meanwhile, a neighbor decided to adopt Cheeto as they wanted the loyal dog to remain near them. Good for Cheeto, at least he would get food and shelter.

Juan was a noble soul and the way that the homeless man passed away is utterly heart-breaking. We hope no other homeless person would meet the same fate. Cheeto would miss his friend forever.