We all think that we have to buy pets, although they are many stray pets that need families. When we heard about the Bengaluru police department are taking stray dogs from the streets and train them to be police dogs, our hearts were dancing happily.

This is really heartwarming. Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Rohini Katoch Sepat is who decided to make this move. He ordered 17 police stations in Bangalore Division to feed stray dogs around the area

Bengaluru police department

These dogs will be trained by experts to be police dogs in their stations. Later on, they will be trained to be squad dogs. However, 50-60 dogs were fed by the people of the city. But now, the police department decided to be a part of that

They started by providing them with basic training. Which includes “Sit”, “Stand”, “Stay”, and “Jump”. They also built them dog houses, and they will be with the officials on their night shifts as well.

Bengaluru police department also bounded with vets to take care of the dogs’ health. They are helping them to be stronger for the important roles they now got.

Bengaluru police department

We are very happy to hear about this. Researches found that independent dogs are very easy to care of, and they also require a little work to be in good condition.
Moreover, they were also trained to behave with people who visit police stations and to identify the scoundrel ones. We hope that this motivates others to adopt their pets instead of buying some strange breeds.