Dogs are smart and adorable pets; they bring fun especially when playing the game of fetch with kids. A video of a 2-year-old boy playing fetch with a neighbor’s dog called Dozer in Minnesota has brought joy to many people. The father of the toddler Chad Nelson posted the video in honor of the son’s connection with the dog.

The video was recorded by Erin Richter who said Dozer had been playing with her son when Conway established the game of fetch. She told Buzzfeed that her son always plays with Dozer when they are both outside, but her son always stops when the ball gets slobbery. Dozer sometimes brings a new ball to keep the game going.

The video titled Fence Can’t Stop Two-Year-Old From Playing Fetch With Dog’ proves that no obstacle can stop a toddler from playing fetch with his fluffy friend.

In the video, Conway can be seen throwing a ball over the fence taller than him to the excited dog. The patient dog can then be seen rushing to fetch the toy before obediently dropping the ball back to the other side.

Baby And Dog Play Fetch Over Fence

"No fence can keep my baby and his new best friend apart…" ❤️🙌

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, July 19, 2018

This delightful video has garnered more than 10 million views and over 800000 likes in just two days. People have been touched by the video, many appreciating and showing love to the dog and the boy by posting positive comments. Ryan J. Kaz wrote that he had watched the video several times and it restores his faith in humanity. He also said that the video showed what happiness is in its simplest form. Eclipticwatcher twitted that he loved the video and also thanked Conway and Dozer.

A dog playing fetch is a common thing but adding a toddler into the game makes it more adorable. This video proves that there is innocence left in this crooked world.