Boredom is usually a guest of dogs who live in an “impoverished” environment: those without enough stimulation.

If a dog’s life is a never-ending Groundhog Day with all the things around, no new experiences and no exercises, it’s only natural for him/her to start getting bored.

❗️And that’s not good: if boredom turns chronic, the dog might become apathetic or, on the contrary, react too much to the smallest stimuli. Boredom for a dog is a root cause of chronic stress.

Some dogs start looking for experiences: destroy things, jump at people and other dogs, and entertain the whole neighborhood with excessive barking and howling (especially if causes some feedback from the neighbors).

Another possible consequence of boredom is motor stereotypies (like walking back and forth, sucking on the bed or own sides, licking the paws and etc.).

❓So, what to do to prevent boredom?

There are so many ways to make your dog’s life (and yours) interesting and more fun!🔻

1️⃣ Diversity of walks (new places, new experiences, walks in the forests and fields).
2️⃣ Safe and comfortable communication with other dogs.🐶
3️⃣ Trick training,
4️⃣ Shaping training.
5️⃣ Intellectual games. You can find some in our “Search games” highlight! 😊
6️⃣ New toys. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to go to the zoo every day of the week! You can simply divide the toys that your dog already has into two parts: give part of the toys to your dog, and them replace them with the toys from the second part in a week.

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