It is quite important for animals to be properly kept and maintained even if they are in a city. A city should not be home for abused or diseased animals. It will not only affect the animals but the general health of society. Plus, these places can provide food and drinking water to the stray animals as well. But many areas fail to understand this importance. They end up creating a home for animals with dirty spaces and terrible living conditions. It becomes almost impossible for these areas to keep a safe limit for many animals. Such was the condition of these dogs living in terrible conditions in Qalansawe.

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Rangers who were from the Plant Protection and Inspections Services under the Ministry of Agriculture discovered eight dogs living in terrible conditions. Many of them did not have food or water. They were denied any. And in many cases, they were only served dirty drinking water.

The Ministry has warned that the conditions of the dogs are very poor and they have become carriers of different diseases that can also harm humans. The sub-standard conditions of Qalansawe show that it is important to maintain a standard for animals. It is not just for kindness but for keeping the general health of the entire place.

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According to the Jewish faith, if animals are made to suffer undue pain, it gets transferred to human beings as well. This concept is known as Tzaar Baali Chaim in Hebrew. It’s a central tenet and hence, butchers are said to slaughter cattle with as little pain as possible.

The dogs living in terrible conditions were taken to another facility where they will be treated properly.