Couples are usually using their wedding parties to honor their lost loved people.

And this bride included pugs in her wedding to honor her brother. As Michelle Dodds and Mike Singler of Orlando, Florida arranged their unique day, Michelle’s sibling Jeffrey “Jay” Dodds was at the forefront of her thoughts a ton. Her sibling died in 2017 and she was all the while missing him consistently. She considered various approaches to remember Jay for the function before choosing one intrigue they constantly shared.pugs

Pugs! Both Jay and Michelle have constantly revered pugs hounds. Jay gave her his pug Knockers since he regularly went for work. At the point when he died suddenly Michelle embraced Knockers, who currently lives with her two other dogs. At the point when one of Michelle’s seven bridesmaids recommended having pugs be a piece of the function the lady of the hour and lucky man thought it was a good thought. They contacted Pug Rescue of Florida to check whether they had any mutts accessible to assist them with tieing the bunch.

“There are a lot of agencies out there that are struggling and can use the help,” said Michelle’s friend Bobie Polite. “Michelle’s got one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known. … I’m glad she chose pugs because of her brother.”


Michelle astonished her wedding party with the canines on her big day. Every bridesmaid was accompanied down the walkway by a sweet salvage pug wearing a tie and coordinating rope. Michelle’s bridesmaid Leah Grissom said adding the pooches to the service was a magnificent method to pay tribute to the closeness of Michelle and Jay’s relationship.

“She and Jay were inseparable — she still talks to him daily,” Leah said. “I think it’s beautiful and matches Michelle perfectly. She’s unconventional, sassy, lively and loves her pugs!”


Michelle additionally trusted that including the pugs would expand the odds of these canines getting received to adoring families. Presently that photographs of the cute little attendants are making the rounds online individuals are as of now reaching the haven for data about the mutts. Win, win!


Take a gander at how attractive they are with their little ties! We’re sure that Michelle’s thought will bring about these charming little folks finding their eternity homes. Her sibling Jay would be glad to such an extent. While his sister figured out how to respect him while additionally helping their darling creatures.

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