poisoned dogs in egypt

New Cairo, Egypt Police Department Rescued A Poisoned Dog

Recently, some heartless people poisoned stray dogs in the streets of Egypt. However, a group of police officers from the Third Settlement Department in...
lost her dog

Florida Woman Lost Her Dog For 2 Years But Never Gave Up Hope: Then...

Our soul never really awakens unless we love an animal. And losing a pet is in many ways more painful than losing a human...

“Dog-Tors” Helps Sick Kids Feel Less Scared Of Medical Procedures.

Hospitals can be scary places, especially for children. Hospitals that depend on therapy dogs are increasing, to cheer up patients while they’re in the...
service dog

Service Dog Accompanying Autistic Child Denied Admission To Pet Shop: Shop Clerk Unrepentant

Lele Wisler aged 3, finds life difficult without Scooby, the service dog. The dog is specially trained to assist autistic children and accompanies her...
orphaned bear

Orphaned Bear Cub Rescued By A Family Dog

Most dogs play fetch with balls and sticks. But one Virginia dog found an orphaned bear cub and decided to bring him home. The dog’s surprised owners...
Unloved Blind Dachshund

Unloved Blind Dachshund Clings Desperately To The First Person Who Hugs Her

A depressed dachshund came to an animal shelter in Los Angeles because her owner had dumped her. At 18, she is blind and old...
dog rides buses solo

Eclipse, the dog who rides buses solo

Eclipse, the dog that takes the bus alone every morning. Black Labrador called Eclipse rides a Seattle bus route to a local dog park...

Abandoned Bulldog Forced To Live In The Streets With Severe Mange

Dogs make up the absolute most valuable friends we have throughout everyday life and we are pleased to call them family. We realize that...
bite scars

Dog Given Away For Free on Facebook Turns Up at Shelter with Bite Marks...

A dog given away for free on Facebook turned up two weeks later at a shelter with bite marks to the alarm of a...

Rottweiler left Home alone with GoPro It’s The Funniest Thing Ever

Rottweilers love to stay at home with people. They should not be left alone as they will become destructive, aggressive and bored. But they...

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dog gets car sick

The Ultimate Guide to Looking After Your Farm Animals 

Farming is a fantastic experience. Imagine waking up and preparing bacon straight from your pig and eggs from your chicken. This is an ideal...

Simple Tips for Raising a Puppy 

When a new little fluffy tenant appears in the house, the issue of his upbringing must be approached very responsibly. From that moment on,...
pets food

3 Essential Guidelines on Buying Pets Food 

Pets are part of your family to help if you research and analyze what you buy for them. Besides, what you feed your dog...
Dogs allowed to

Dogs are allowed to..

Humans often tend to humanize their pets. We are touched by things they do that shouldn’t really be touching, and we get angry at...
wolves like dogs

Are wolves just like dogs?

Some say that dogs and wolves are not that different from each other, and that a wolf cub raised by humans will turn out...
Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

Some dogs lose their minds when they see their favorite toy. 🤪They start jumping, pulling on their human’s clothes, barking – anything to get...
Battle your dog's fears

Battle your dog’s fears: reward-based method

“Is your dog afraid of something? Maybe men or children? Let them feed him/her out of their hand. Is he/she afraid of the vacuum...
dog ride in the car

Train your dog to ride in the car

Some dog parents fear car rides with their furry companions: spending a long time negotiating with their dogs to get inside, constant barking and...
dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick: what to do? ⠀ Some dog parents regularly face this problem. Why does car sickness happen and how to help your...
Sit command

The “Sit” command

The “Sit” command is one of the most important commands in a dog’s life. That’s why it is crucial to teach your dog to...
freedoms of a dog

The 5 freedoms of a dog

Good life standards are a basis for good behavior. But what are these standards exactly? ⠀ It’s simple! There is an internationally recognized concept of pet...