Boredom bad for your dog

Boredom: why is it bad for your dog?

Boredom is usually a guest of dogs who live in an “impoverished” environment: those without enough stimulation. ⠀ If a dog’s life is a never-ending Groundhog...
break from training

A break from training

Researchers studying dogs’ learning abilities came to a curious conclusion. ⠀ 🐶If you want to form a strong skill that will last for a long time,...
dog off sleeping in your bed

Wean your dog off sleeping in your bed

Step 1. Place your dog’s bed next to yours in a way that would allow you to reach out your arm to pet your four-legged...
rolling on their backs

Why do dogs love rolling on their backs?

There’s no one way to explain it, but there are a few hypotheses that offer an explanation of this habit. ⠀ 1️⃣ Just for pleasure. When...
dogs lick people

Why do dogs lick people?

Some love licking humans, others – don’t. And the way our dogs do it can tell us the reason for it. ⠀ If dogs are allowed...
Puppy training

Puppy training: when to start?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive! ⠀ And an answer to it is always about the same: you should start training...
cowardly dog

How to help a cowardly dog?

Why are some dogs afraid of everything? ⠀ 2 reasons: lacking socialization or a weak nervous system. ⠀ Dogs with lacking socialization were ordinary puppies, but weren't introduced...
Shy dogs

Shy dogs 101

Shy dogs always expect the worst from the world, are always apprehensive about “dangers” and “enemies” around them and ready to take off and...
puppy cry

Why does your puppy cry?

Why do puppies cry? There might be several reasons involved. ⠀ 1️⃣ Adaptation to a new home and anxiety related to it. A 2-month-old puppy is a...
search for objects

Teach your pup to search for objects

Let’s talk about teaching your dog to look for hidden objects.🧦👕🧢 ⠀ Your pup can search for things both at home and outside. ⠀ You’ll need an assistant...

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Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

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